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Pump Start Relays

Hunter Pump Start Relays.Hunter PSR Pump Start Relay
For systems that use a pump to provide water, the relay that delivers reliability at an economical price.

Whether you require the use of a booster pump or pull water directly from a creek or pond, it is imperative that your irrigation system includes a relay that can be counted upon to activate your pump each and every time.

The Pump Start Relays have been created to provide that reliability – as well as a lockable NEMA rated enclosure – at an economical price. Available in a choice of three models to accommodate a variety of power sources and landscape needs, the product is fully compatible with all standard 24VAC controllers. It’s also designed with user-friendliness in mind, with flying leads that allow for effortless 24 volt connections plus a wide array of “knockouts” on the cabinet to make wiring easy, whatever your particular mounting considerations.

Hunter PSR Pump Start Relay ------------------- $69.99-----Quantity

Irritrol SR-1 Pump Start RelayIrritrol SR-1 Pump Start Relay
For starting a pump to supply water pressure and flow to the sprinkler system or for remote switching for landscape lighting transformers.

• Enclosed in weather-resistant case
• Five-year warranty
• Contact — up to 1HP at 120 V ac, 1 phase
• Contact — up to 2HP at 250 V ac, 1 phase
• Coil — 24VAC, 3VA (19VAC Min, 30 V ac Max)
• Coil Draw — .1 amp

Irritrol SR-1 Pump Start Relay ------------------- $59.99-----Quantity

Munro StartBox™

The StartBox™ Pump Start Relay provides "pilot duty" operation for all types of electrically-driven pump equipment with available coil voltages of 24, 110, and 220.

Type of Enclosure: MPSR
Coil Voltage:24
HP: 3/4 thru 7-1/2
Part Number: MPSR24


Munro Pump Start Relay -------------------------- $69.99-----Quantity


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